The Canadian Vaccine Catalogue

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About the Catalogue

The Canadian Vaccine Catalogue (CVC) is the comprehensive, standards-based source-of-truth resource for vaccine terminology and vaccine product information in Canada. It has been funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada and is currently developed and maintained by the CANImmunize team.
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What you need to know

  • The catalogue is intended for use by health informatics and IT professionals developing digital health information systems that require up-to-date standardized vaccine terminology and product data.
  • New versions of the catalogue will be released monthly.
  • The catalogue is designed to extend the Pan-Canadian Immunization SNOMED CT® Reference Sets developed by Canada Health Infoway.
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Click here to view the full changelog.


Click here to view the full changelog.


Major Update:
- New Subsets: Forecast Status, Shelf Status.
- Generic and Tradename subsets now include the concepts that were previously contained within their passive counterparts.
- ShelfStatus field is now available on the Generic and Tradename subsets which can be used to filter concepts based on market availability. Prevalence and Ontario specific fields are no longer available.
- Antigen subset has been renamed to Antigen/Immunoglobulin/Antitoxin and now includes immunoglobulins and antitoxins.
- Products tab is no longer available.
- DIN-SNOMED CT Mapping has been improved.
- Some GTIN fields that were previously available have been removed.

Monthly releases will resume from this point forward.


- Monthly lot data update
- Added passive administered and passive historical subsets
- Added National Immunization Data Dictionary subsets:
    - AdminGender
    - AnatomicalSite
    - RepSource
    - RouteOfAdministration
- Removed color field from generic subset
- Removed AHFS field from Products subset
- Removed Tripacel lots that were not marketed in Canada
- Removed the subset id field from all subsets


- Monthly lot data update
- English abbreviation MMRV changed to MMR-Var to align with Vaccine Vigilance Working Group abbreviations
- French abbreviation Zona changed to Zos to align with Vaccine Vigilance Working Group abbreviations


- Monthly lot data update
- Large update to GTIN list


- Monthly lot data update
- Correction made to display terminology for generic concept 7741000087102


This is the initial release of the Canadian Vaccine Catalogue.